A Life Beyond Love By Ruchir Saxena | Complete Book Review

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I just Finished reading "A Life Beyond Love"the Previous night and though I could Review it to you.It was a fabulous Book.The author took me through many emotional and wonderful memories of my school and college days.Don't except the story to be a Perfect Love Story😉It has unexpected twist and turns and at the same time it got a good message.

So, without any delay.. Go Read the REVIEW

A Life Beyond Love By Ruchir Saxena
A Life Beyond Love By Ruchir Saxena | Book Review

The Story begins with the Protagonist (Rihan) flying to Delhi to Peruse his Bachelor's Degree in Delhi University. Everyone one of us has/had so much of expectation and dreams of our college life.(Helloooo come out of your movie style college dude)Rihan was not exceptional,he tooo had all these movie style college dreams,but he knew what the Truth is😂

During the Orientation day he made friends with Ketav,Bhaviya and few more.And Yes,he fell in love with a girl too.The College started and things were turning out great for Rihan.

Yes ... He kept searching for Trisha ....

Meanwhile he became friend with Riya , close friend of Trisha. Riya was just opposite to Rihan.She kept things very simple and spoke out what she felt.It was through her , you would encounter the past life of Rihan and why he opted to study Forensics Science. 

I looked at the display of my cell phone.It said,"Call duration: 1 hr 47 minutes',which was the longest conversation i had till then but the shortest which I usually had thereafter with Riya📞

Things didn't turn out as he expected... Trisha had been committed😥. When he was denied of the fact,he meets "Ananya"- (his school day crush) I hated him for the way he reacted with her.He avoided her.
At last he understood, his love was for "Riya"💕.Already people in the campus had so many rumors on them.So,its True that they like Each other!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rihan who had no gusts to tell his love to people,decided,he was waiting for Riya all these years.He  made his mind and decided to propose her in the most romantic way.He requested Bhaivya to share  advice's for him. That night was a long one ⌛

WHAT HAPPENED THERE AFTER IS A HUGE TWIST in the Story!!!!! You will scratch your head and re-read the sentence!.But then you read it Right...And what's that....

GOOOOO and GRAB the BOOK and READ!!! You will surely not regret 

My View:👀
It was not an usual College Love Story.It rides you through almost all kinds of emotions you entangled during your college days.A Revisit probably.Many of us will for sure will get linked with the scenes and the kind of confusion Rihan undergoes.

It was for sure, one of the best book i read this year. Also the narration was fabulous and I really enjoyed.The conversation and his mind voices were so apt and it was so real.May be that's why one  could easy get connects with the story.

Except for the Initial few pages - where the story went little slow , rest of it was a enjoyable.The usage of words and the convo was a plus to this story.You will get to learn many new words.

 You can love anyone - Love is just Love.You get confused, You feel hopeless, you get obsessed - whatever may be - Love will always be there once you stop searching for it.Don't get confused between relationships.If you are go and tell them without any hesitation.Don't ever regret💕

Favorite Quote:
"When You are on the Verge of Losing something You Feel shit scared but once you lose it,you Become fearless,nothing seems to scare you anymore because you have already lost what you value the most"

Final Words: (Life is all about complicated Love Stories💑)
I highly Recommend this story for all those who enjoy reading romance love with lots of Twist.If you are a person who enjoys a well planned happy ending love Story - then this is not for you.But then I would say you gotto read these types of stories too.
So go and Place your now , read it and share your experience with us...

My Rating for the Book : ⭐⭐⭐⭐/⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Happiee Reaeding📖

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