Take My Heart Forever by Arpit Agrawal | Book Review

Book Title : Take My Heart Forever
Genre : Romance
Author : Arpit Agrawal

Take My Heart Forever by Arpit Agrawal | Book Review

Cover and Title : The Cover Design is a simple picture of a a girl and the Boy with white and rose.The Title just hints that us its a love story and of course it is.

Blur of the Book : 
Meet Siddhartha;A Good Lawyer But A Bad Human. Meet Rahul;A Good Human But A Bad Doctor. And Meet Shuchi;A Good Human And An Exceptionally Well Doctor. Shuchi Tries To Make A Good Human Out Of Siddhartha And A Good Doctor Out Of Rahul;But A Bomb Blast Transforms Their Lives. Read This Revolutionary Tale To Know How Siddhartha Will Get A Unique Pil Passed In The Courtroom And Rahul Will Perform A Life Changing Surgery;To Save The Girl They Love.

Book Review : 
The Story takes us through the lives of three People (Shuchi,Rahul and Siddharatha).Two of them are Doctors and Sid is a famous Lawyer in India. Shuchi and Rahul work together in the same Hospital and they fall in love with each other,but they don't confess to one another.
Siddharatha on the other had  does anything to win his case.Simply a person who is least bothered about others.During one such case,in other to win his wredict,he pretends to be ill and gets admitted to the hospital where Shuchi works.

The Story begins here,with so many emotions and twist.One incident will changes the live of all the three people. What's that incident?What Happened to them?To know all these,you need to read the book.

The Book has a perfect twist which no would think off. I just loved the ending part.The effort taken by Sid.At the end the hated lawyer ,will robe the heart of the readers.

The part i didn't enjoy : Siddharatha goes to the Judge to convince and support his side.Felt it was not reality.I enjoyed the narration of the story.A simple story with a message to all.

My Rating : ⭐⭐⭐/⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

You can Grab the Book Here : Paperback | Kindle (Free)


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