Sudeep nagarkar Complete Book list in Order | Books and Pdfs

A writer who keeps Friendship, love and Trust as the main theme in his works. His works are mostly based on real life and True Stories. So far he has written 10 Fiction novels and all his works are of romance genre. He was awarded “Youth Achiever’s Award” for being one of the highest selling writers in India in romance genre.

Sudeep Nagarkar Complete Book List | Books and Pdfs

Hope you would have guessed the author name!!

Yeah – its Sudeep Nagarkar

His books are very simple to read. One can actually finish reading his book in a day/Two. With simple literacy tone, he manages to share the story which will make one get connected with the story flow.Recently his books are being most welcomed by teenagers. After Ravinder Singh ,Chetan Bhagat Preeti shenoy stories , Sudeep Nagarkar books are widely read.

Thus, this post is for all those , who were wondering around the web searching for his complete literary works so far…. Hope you all will find it interesting

A brief intro : Sudeep Nagarkar

The author was born on 27 February 1988 in Mumbai. He is an engineering Student and later completed his MBA in 2014.His first Debut Book “Few Things Left Unsaid was published on 10th July  2011.After the release of his second novel, he left his IT job and became a full time writer. His third “It started with a friend Request” was the most popular fiction book of 2013,according to Amazon India. With so much of success in his life, he wrote many more novels. Recently he married his long time girlfriend Jasmine and live in Mumbai with his parents.

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Book Series In Order :

S.No  Book Name   Format Format
1 Few things Left Unsaid PaperBack  Kindle 
2 That’s the way we met  PaperBack  Kindle 
3 It started with a friend Request  PaperBack  Kindle 
4 Sorry you’re not my Type PaperBack  Kindle 
5 You’re the password to my Life PaperBack  Kindle 
6 You are Trending in my Dreams PaperBack  Kindle 
7 She swiped right into my heart PaperBack  Kindle 
8 All Rights reserved for You PaperBack  Kindle 
9 Our Story Needs no Filter PaperBack  Kindle 
10 She Friend-Zoned My Love  PaperBack  Kindle 

The Books are available for cheaper Rates in Amazon. You can also get the Kindle version of the Book from Amazon Kindle.

Con's of  Sudeep Nagarkar Books:
I read his book “It started with a friend Request” after my friend suggested me. It was pretty good. Except those love making scenes(it occurred so many times). I found the same style of writing in his other books too.Also most of the things are predictable. Other than love, Sex. His friendship part and giving importance to his fellow humans are good. No offence. It’s just my view

Recommend For:
If you love romance novels, you can head forward and pick any of his books.They are quite good.If you are someone who enjoys reading something thrilling..Don't waste your time. 
What’s your Favorite Book!! Share it in the comment.

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