Half Torn Hearts By Novoneel Chakraborty | Pdf and Book Review

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Hope you all must be aware of the New Book Release by Novoneel Chakraborty. Today its all about that New Book - "Half Torn Hearts". What did you think hearing the Title for the first time??? - Let us know in the comments.

Half Torn Heart by Novoneel Chakraborty | Book Review 

Blur of the Book : 
Shanay Bansal, a young and successful entrepreneur, is looking forward to his engagement with Afsana Agarwal. But a few weeks before the engagement, he receives a mysterious voice message from someone from Afsana's past. Curious, Shanay plays the voice message and through those many other such messages, a different world from the past opens up about a beautiful relationship that got broken due to a terrible lie.
Half Torn Hearts is a coming-of-age tale of three layered individuals coming in terms with their first loss, which bares the devil that we all possess but are scared of encountering and which eventually becomes the cause of our own ruins
Half Torn Heart By Novoneel Chakraborty | Pdf and Book Review

My Review :

 "If Both of us have to win,one of us will have to lose "  

The Story has three main characters.The Story begins with Shanay Bansal and Afsana Agarwal who are getting engaged in few months.Before that Shanay wanted to meet her and ask her to come to Bangalore.Though she said "NO" initailly, later she accepted to his proposal.Shanay was overjoyed and sat down with his Ipad to reserve ticket for her.That's where the story begins........

Shanay gets a voice message from an unknown number.He open's the message and found :

Half Torn Heart By Novoneel Chakraborty | Pdf and Book Review
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This made him more nervous and didn't know what to do..He couldn't understand the what was going on.He messaged ,called - but there was no response from that number.He checked the number on True-caller - the name read : Lavi. There poped another voice message. Shanay opened it,little did he know he was the main character of the story.

I don't wish to revel the secret here.Read it, and enjoy what was the story about.What happened after that.Did he marry Afsana?How life changed?

Also,the Hindi verses - though I didn't completely understand - I took help from my friend to learn its meaning.Wish the author could have given its meaning :(

This is out of box story from Novoneel and I just loved the way he took us with the story.The Narration was just awesome and i couldn't just put the book down before i read it completely.If are you someone who would love reading something romantic with a thriller,make sure you read it.The Female characterization was so apt,Every girl can actually relate it with.And I am sure "Nirmaan" will steal everyone's one heart.A boy every girl will dream for.

And about the Book Cover : Its so catchy.I personally read this book for its title, and it has done justice to it.

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Few Lines I Liked : 

If Both of us have to win,one of will have to lose.Looking at her,Nirmaan now understood what she had meant.His Success had the fragrances of her victory now.
"'She loved you, Nirmaan, ' said Afsana softly. ⁣
'She never gave me those vibes.'⁣
'She didn't want you to know. If a woman decodes not to show her feelings, she won't.'"

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Final Thoughts:

For all fans and Followers of Novoneel this book"Half Torn Hearts" will be a perfect treat.So,Don't miss out to read it.Order the Book to get the Signed Copy of the Author now.If you love someone more, you will be ready to do anything for them.That's how sweet the story is.Don't forget to share your thoughts with us!!

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