Amazon Launched Audible in India | Books That Speak to You

The Global Audiobooks market leader Audible launched its First Indian Title on Tuesday. They were the first to introduce the digital audio player in 1995.S since then the journey of Audible has been a great success. In the year 2008, Audible joins Amazon. Now available in Amazon India with an amazing launching offers of 30 days Free Trial. After which the Readers got to pay a Rs199/Per month.

Amazon Launched Audible in India | Books That Speak to You

Signing Up to Amazon Audible is very Simple. But before that, Let's have a brief into about Audible and what kinds of books are available in Amazon Audible Store India.

Audible - History: A walkthrough
  • In January 1995, Audible introduced the first production-volume digital audio player almost four years before the introduction of the iPod.[6] It only supported playback of digital audio in Audible's proprietary, low-bitrate .aa format that could be downloaded from
  • Audible scored a coup in 2003 when it made an exclusive deal with Apple to provide their catalog of books on the iTunes Music Store.
  • Audible launched Audible Air in 2005, software that made it possible to download (copy-controlled) audiobooks over the air - wirelessly and directly to devices such as smartphones or PDAs.
  • In April 2008, Audible began producing exclusive science fiction and fantasy audiobooks under its "Audible Frontiers" imprint. At launch, 25 titles were released. In 2008, Amazon bought the company for $300 million.
  • Audible continued its publishing endeavors in May 2011, when it launched Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX), an online rights marketplace and production platform that connects narrators, producers and rights holders in order to create new audiobooks.The platform has been so successful that in 2012
  • In June 2015, the audible books were made available in AmazonEcho.
  • In July 2016, Audible introduced Audible Channels, its exclusive version of podcasts
  • In 2017 made 20 years since the launch audible, and they launched Audible for Canada.
  • In 2018, their venture extended to Amazon India

Amazon Audible - India: What it Holds for the Indian Readers
Amazon Launched Audible in India | Books That Speak to You
Audible India, which was in the Beta stage so far, offers more than 200,000 full-length audiobooks and original programs, including 400 Audible-exclusive titles by Indian authors. These original productions feature authors that frequent bestseller lists, such as Rashmi Bansal, Shashi Tharoor, Ashwin Sanghi, Preeti Shenoy, and Ruskin Bond. The catalog also includes Durjoy Datta’s audio-first title The Last Boy To Fall in Love, and audio performances of Rabindranath Tagore’s Gitanjali and Kabuliwala. | Source:

What is the cost of an Audio Book?
Since it is a new launch, Amazon gives a 30-day free trial to all its readers. Register Today and try out your Free Audible Book for 30 days. You can cancel any time between you Trail, No charges will be made.

Why You Should Buy Audible:
1. First, you own your audiobooks. It's yours forever, even if you cancel.
2.Easy Exchange. If you don't like the book, just swap it for free.
3.Great Saving. Get 30% off on any additional audiobooks.
4.One credit a month, good for any audiobook regardless of price.
5. People who own membership get over 350 mins of handpicked listens for free, in addition to the monthly credit.
6. uninterrupted listening - Listen to your books seamlessly across any devices with the free app
Wondering How to Start Your Free trial with AmazonAudible?

 How to Sign up for Audible for free: Step-by-Step

1. Login Into your Amazon Account.  Don't Have Account, Create One Here :
2. Once You're Logged in, You will be navigated to Audible Membership Page.

Amazon Launched Audible in India | Books That Speak to You

3. Choose Your Plan,i.e The Free Trial Plan and Mode of Payment.
Amazon Launched Audible in India | Books That Speak to You
4. The only Debit card can be used. For Testing Purpose, you will be asked to make a payment of Rupees 2 which will be refunded Back within 48hours.
5. Thus, You have now successfully Signed up for Audible Free Trial.

Thus we have in detailed explained how to Sign up for Amazon Audible Free Trail Audiobooks. Hope it was helpful.Got any Issues Logging in, Comment them below.


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