Everyone has a Story 2 by Savi Sharma| Free Pdf Download

Savi Sharma, the author of the two wonderful inspiring Books "This is not Your Story" and "Everyone has a Story"."Everyone has a story" was India's fastest selling Debut novel with 250,000 copies sold since its release.

 Everyone has a Story 2 by Savi Sharma| Free Pdf Download
Everyone Has A Story 2 By Savi Sharma

When her readers were spellbound with her first book, in February 2017 Savi Sharma released her
second Novel "This is not Your Story" inspiring millions of people to follow their dreams, fight dreams, failures, believe in love and to write their Own Stories in Life.

"Just Loved the Small Quotes Books that was sent again with the Second Novel"

 Everyone has a Story 2 by Savi Sharma| Free Pdf Download
Inspiring Quotes from Everyone has a Story
 and This is not Your Story

After Giving two extraordinary Books, here is the Latest and  Third Novel "Everyone has a Story 2" which is the Sequel to her hugely Successful Debut Novel (Everyone has a story)

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Pre-View of the Book:

Everyone has a story. But does a story end at with a ‘happily ever after’?
Not always, not even very often. The story always goes on. And life always tests you.
I am life’s trials. I am fate.
And I am here to test your favourite characters, your beloved friends, the people who gave you hope and courage. The very people who made you believe in your dreams.
I am here to test Meera, Vivaan, Kabir, Nisha, and many others.
I am here to destroy them, and I will. Just wait and watch.
Join me as I tell you the next chapters of their stories and where life takes them!
Are you ready? Or are you scared?

Everyone Has a Story -Part 2 Pdf (Download)

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 Everyone has a Story 2 by Savi Sharma| Free Pdf Download

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