You are Forever in my Heart (PDF) Read it Online By Sanjeev Ranjan

You Are Forever In My Heart 

Author Name: Sanjeev Rajan
Publisher: Srishti Publisher
Gener Type: Romance, fiction
No of Pages: 185 
You are Forever in my Heart by Sanjeev Rajan

 Book Review

True Love is when you feel the other;s Pain as your own and fill their broken heart with your love,but a true relationship is when the other person also feels the same for you and fills up your broken heart with love

This 185 Page Fiction Book (You are Forever in my Heart) made me fall in love with the story again and again. The author has narrated the story in a simple and understandable way which will make all the readers engage in his story.Sanjeev had loved Ashima with his heart and soul.But she left him for another which leaves him depressed.Sanjeev later becomes introvert and finds himself unable to move out of his ex-girlfriend memories every day.

With a nudge from a friend, he decides to make an effort to reclaim his life, to learn to be alive again and joins a photography class. There, he befriends Ruchita, a happy-go-lucky girl, who introduces him to his ardent fan Shuchi who is fighting a break up too. As two broken hearts meet, they connect like they were made for each other. But just when Sanjeev seems to have gained some control over life, he receives a pack of letters that turns his world upside down.Will Sanjeev find true love or has destiny planned something else for him? Read the story to know what happens

This is How the author describes Shuchi 

You are forever in my Heart (PDF) Read it Online

You are Forever in my Heart is a beautiful and heart touching story based on real-life events of the author. If you are a person who loves a true love story, then this is must read a book for you.

"Love is the Blinding Force Between Two People.It is this Understanding, trust and respect for each other drives a relationship for a long"

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About the Author: 

Sanjeev Rajan is the bestselling author of "In Course of True Love" and "Its No Longer A Dream".He is an ardent lover of western classical and instrumental music, he enjoys reading.He also has a keen interest in understanding human behavior and relationships. Get connected with You are Forever in my Heart author on Facebook.

Finally, A true story where each and every emotion can be felt 
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