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The Writer who stole the heart of many readers both in India and abroad.The man who created his own imaginative village called "Malgudi" and gifted to all his readers.

Yes, It's R.K. Narayan was the pioneer of early Indian literature in English. He is known for his books based on a fictional town called Malgudi.You can Read the Complete Book List of RK.Naryan Here. The first trilogy is semi-autobiographical. His simple writing style made him one of India’s best novelists. Some of his famous works include ‘The Guide’, ‘The Financial Expert, ‘The English Teacher and many more. He was a Sahitya Academy winning author and a Padma Bhushan winner too. He was considered to be a close friend of Graham Greene.

Here we are Providing our readers with the all the Popular Books of R.K Narayan which all kids who love to Read.The below-mentioned books are the best works of the writer from Malgudi Days.Kindle Book Readers can also read the below-listed books of Narayan Here.

MALGUDI DAYS : (Childhood Memories)
A complete imaginary story of R K Narayan which made the life of many kids in the olden days.Ask your grandparents or Parents about these stories, and you could see their memories flashing.

Malgudi Days By R.K Narayan

Malgudi Days is a collection of 32 short funny and witty stories which is written by R K Narayanan. The stories happen in Malgudi, an imaginary town located somewhere on the banks of Sarayu (a river in South India). The stories deal with the most ordinary men and women and that makes these stories extraordinary. Each story deals with simple people and simple issues that are faced with in real life. The stories instantly establish a connection between the reader and the characters. Some of the stories are humorous while other will shake your soul so wildly that you might cry.
The Book Malgudi Days was republished by Penguin Classic in 1982

A master of Chekhovian Irony..Narayan's Malugi is a Metaphor not of India,But of the World - The Washington post

The Story was later telecasted in Television that consisted 39 episodes and was first aired on Doordarshan.Later reruns were telecasted in sony entertainments, Maa tv (dubbed in Telegu).Most of the stories were derived from "A Horse and Two goats, Swami and His Friends, Malgudi Days and The Vendor of Sweets. The series was directed by Shankar Nag while the music was done by L Vaidyanathan and the cartoonist sketch was illustrated by R K Laxman

Watch the series of Malgudi Days By R.K Narayan Here

Both the Book and the Tv Show series have impacted a lot among the people of India and abroad. The author with his simple and edible language made everyone fall in love with his characters. 

Watch the Complete Show Here (Hindi Show): Malgudi Days Hindi Tv Show
Watch the Complete Show Here (Tamil Show): Malgudi Days Tamil Tv Show
Watch the Complete Show Here (Telugu Show): Malgudi Days Telugu Tv Show

Want to read Malgudi Days??

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Swami and His Friends By R.K Narayan

The first book of R.K. Narayan’s famous trilogy, ‘Swami and Friends’ happens to be Narayan’s first published book as well. It was published in 1935 with a lot of motivation and help from Graham Greene, a famous novelist. The setting is of British India, in a fictional town named Malgudi. Swami is a ten-year-old boy who studies at a mission school. He lives with his parents, younger brother and grandmother. He has a set of friends in two schools that he gets removed from. Events lead Swami to leave his house and go for a run. He is drawn heavily towards the unrest that is prevalent everywhere in India, but he fails to understand the cause. What happens with Swami? Will he be able to get back home safely? To know the answer, read this book. Narayan successfully creates a child’s perspective about the adult world. What problems do kids face? What do they think of the world they live in? These are the kind of questions you might find answers to. Graham Greene in his review of the book thanked Narayan for making him feel like an Indian through his words. This edition has been published in Indian Thought Publication. Swami and Friends is a true portrayal of complexities faced by Indian middle class. Readers get a feeling of common humanity among people of this country. You can feel that soul of India is one through this book. It is a funny and interesting tale of Swami and his adventures. Other characters are Swami’s friends, his family and people from his town and people he meets while on these adventures. Readers get to see the world through the eyes of a ten-year-old boy. Readers get to see his boyhood. The priorities and problems that kids find very important can sometimes look inappropriate as an adult, but for kids, that is their world. Narayan has captured that pre-independence world of Malgudi.

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A Tiger of Malgudi By R.K Narayan

This novel ''The Tiger for Malgudi'' is again centred in and around a village called Malgudi. The story is essentially an autobiography of a tiger who is just more than a tiger. The tiger has grown out of his wild days as a wild beast and suddenly gets confronted by human beings. At first, he sees human beings as puny and unintelligent, till one fine day he is caught for a circus. Then he starts fearing human beings and obeying them day in and day out, until another fine day when he breaks free. Then starts the new phase in the tiger's life as he comes in contact with a Swamiji and now the tiger perceives human beings with respect and starts getting influenced by the Swamiji. The Swamiji has strange power to talk with animals and he and the tiger have some really good discourses on all topics ranging from life to philosophy.

Read the A Tiger Of Malgudi Book Here: A Tiger of Malgudi


A Man-Eater Of Malgudi by R.K Narayan

This is the story of Nataraj, who earns his living as a printer in the enchanted world of Malgudi, that slumbering Southern Indian village whose peace has been often amusingly and outrageously disturbed by Narayan. Nataraj and his close friends, a poet and a journalist, find their congenial days disturbed when Vasu, a powerful taxidermist; moves in with his stuffed hyenas and pythons, and brings his dancing women up the printer's private stairs. When Vasu, in search of larger game, threatens the life of a temple elephant that Nataraj has befriended, complications ensue that are both comic and calamitous.

Read The Man-Eater of Malgudi Story Here: The Man-Eater of Malgudi


Mr.Sampath - The Printer of Malgudi by R.K Narayan

Weekly publications of The Banner is entirely due to two dedicated Malgudi inhabitations: Srinivas edits the newspaper, while Mr Sampath prints it. They work night and day to satisfy the increasing demands of their clamouring public. In rare moments of relaxation, Srinivas occupies his mind puzzling over the futility of human existence, while Mr Sampath good-naturedly shoulders all the financial burdens. Without warning, The Banner suddenly folds. Never a character to be foiled for long, Mr Sampath becomes involved with Sunrise Productions and ropes in Srinivas to write the film scripts. Unfortunately, the glamorous life goes to Mr Sampath's head and chaos ensues. At times amusing, unfailingly perspicacious, R K Narayan has written a story of great distinction and charm.

Read the Review of the Mr Sampath by RK Narayan Here: Reviews

Get the Book Mr.Sampath- The Painter of Malgudi Here: Link to the Book


The English Teacher by R.K Narayan

“The English Teacher”, written by R.K. Narayan tells a story of an English-teaching college professor, namely Krishna who leads a mundane, routine hostel life, even though he had recently been married and has a kid. The story pulls off by when his immediate family at Malgudi advise him to settle down in a rented home with his wife (Susila) and his girl infant (Leela). Though initially, the new state of affairs does scare him, with time, his love for his wife and kid deepens and like any other small closely-knit family, the three of them become inseparable. All’s well when one day Krishna and Susila set off to find a new place for themselves and quite unpredictably, Susila gets terribly bitten by unknown species of insects after which she develops an incurable bout of typhoid which results in her untimely death on bed. Krishna’s life thereafter is in pieces as he finds that with Susila, has gone his loveliest part of life. Depressed, saddened, Krishna becomes a person with a soul gone astray; a hardened receptacle of condolence and sympathy, when one day he receives a letter. What follows is a series of unbelievable supernatural accounts, which will have you hooked to the climax. What is in that letter? Is Susila still alive? Does Krishna become successful as a single parent? For all these answers, you have to read the book. You might get a taste of what happens next in my review further, but I have tried to keep the suspense part in wraps.

Read The English Teacher Here: The English Teacher


Under the Banyan Tree and other Stories By R.K Narayan

Under the Banyan Tree adds twenty-eight tales of the rich and colourful heritage of R K Narayan's fictional south Indian city, Malgudi. Narayan's characters, observed with a wry and compassionate eye, come from every area of Indian society - merchants, beggars, herdsmen, hermits, teachers, rogues - and represent in miniature a wealth of human experience. A rebellious young man refuses to honour a vow made by his parents in an ancestral temple long ago in Nitya. A shopkeeper is made bankrupt by a charming stranger in A Career. In other tales, a schoolteacher indulges for one traumatic day in the luxury of telling the truth; a nervous small boy, forced to sleep alone to prove his courage, catches a burglar; browbeaten clerk triumphs over his stars and a ghost is laid to rest. Outstanding in this superb book is the masterpiece A Horse and Two Goats, drawn from a collection now no longer available, and the marvellous title story, about the divine gift of storytelling itself. Like the storyteller in Under the Banyan Tree, R K Narayan is an enchanter, a weaver of words who keeps his audience spellbound with the rhythms and haunting images of his tales. Drawn from the market-place, the mountainside, the dusty street, the river bank, these gentle, ironic, finely observed stories of village and city life demonstrate the power of fiction at its best.

Read Under The Banyan Tree Here: Under the Banyan Tree


The Vendoor of Sweets By R.K Narayan

The apple of his eye is his son Mali, for whom he feels a deep but absurdly embarrassed affection, which appears to go unrequited. When Mali coolly announces that he is abandoning school to go to America to become a writer, Jagan's fatherly feelings are thrown into still greater confusion. And when, a year or two later, Mali returns with a half-Korean, half-American wife and a grandiose scheme for marketing a novel-writing machine, Jagan is utterly at sea. He is confronted by the new world shockingly personified - a world where his cherished notions of marriage and morals seem to count for nothing. The tragicomic clash of the generations deepens with every chapter. Jagan's final escape from the galling chains of paternal love comes as unexpectedly as every other twist in this delicious story
Read the Story of The Vendor Of Sweets Here: The Vendor Of Sweets 


Talkative Man By R.K Narayan

TM is a resident of Kabir Street. People of Kabir Street are wealthy, thanks to their forefathers. They don’t have to do much for a living. Yet, TM has a dream to be a journalist. He collects stories and mails them to newspapers regularly but nothing appears. One day he meets a gentleman with a three-piece blue suit in the library of Malgudi. The man is called Dr Rann, who asks TM to help his find some accommodation since he is living in Station waiting room for past three days and which according to Rann is below human standards. The bugs are bugging him! After a lot of search Rann takes shelter in TM’s house. (This gesture of hospitality seems very similar to the one done by Natraj to Vasu in ‘The Man-eater of Malgudi’. The character of TM has a lot of similarities with that of Natraj, I noticed).
After Rann takes shelter in TM’s house things start to get complicated and finally, TM settles down everything. These complications make the story very interesting and comical. And the whole episode of TM settling out everything is very enjoyable.
(Review By Gautum from MouthShut)
Read the Talkative man of Malugi Days Here: Talkative Man

Grandmother's Tale By R.K Narayan

  Grandmother Tale is the story of his great-grandmother who lived in the later period of the East India Company. Bala, the central character, was married at the early age of seven to Viswa a boy of ten. One day, he just left bidding her good-bye, joining a group of pilgrims going to Pandaripur. Years go by and there is no trace of him. Bala, now a young woman finds life extremely difficult with the entire agraharam gossipping about her husband's fate. She leaves home, determined to find him. The arduous journey she undertakes to Poona, her success in locating Viswa and persuading him to return to the South and their long, happy life in Kumbakonam, where five children are born to them, Bala's death and eventually Viswa's death due to poisoning by his cook form rest of the narrative. The delineation of Bala from an innocent school-girl to a firm, determined, aggressive young woman and finally to a quiet, docile, orthodox Hindu wife is fascinating! The seasoned Narayan reader will not fail to observe the author himself in the role of "the talkative man"!

Read the Best stories of Grandmother Tale Here: Grandmother's Tale


The man who made stories that reach all the people of all kind with his simple language. Malgudi days and the village made a huge turn over in his journey.One could relate all the happening in his stories.The writer general writers stories that are happening in and around his life.Grandmother Tale, yet another story that was highly acknowledged by many was the story of his grandmother and great-grandmother. Bringing back all his stories in this article is a great pleasure for us. 
This generation kid should read all these books and understand the Pre and post India and the life of the People.You can Also watch the Malgudi Series in all languages from Here: Malgudi Days Series

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