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Conversation between Arjuna and Karna 

This is not the actual conversation, it's just a re-post.I read this conversation long back somewhere and I wanted it to share with my Readers.This is not to hurt anyone.It's worth Reading.

The great war Kurukshetra was over and Arjuna has finally defeated his enemy, Karna.Arjuna after finishing his daily prayers and after dressing his wounds goes to Sleep.

Knock knock, knock knock.....

Arjun –“Who’s there?”
(Getting no reply, he lights the lamp and goes to the door and opens it. A tall figure with hair falling to the collars, broad shoulders, face shadowed by the shade of the overhead roof)

Arjun – “You, you…(As the man comes forward, his armour and earrings glow). Karna…!! (Arjun is shocked)”.

Karna – “Yes it’s me, replies Karna arrogantly, why are you so shocked?”

Arjun – Stammering and puzzled Arjun responds, “we just finished our battle; I just killed you out there”.

Karna – (Shouting) “you can never kill Karna, never”.

Arjun – (Sounding relaxed), “Yes I’ve killed you, the whole army witnessed it, I saw your corpse and assured that you were dead upon which Vasudeva himself concluded the battle”.

Karna – (Responding back firmly) “Huh, you’ve only killed the mortal body; you’ve only demolished the body made out of flesh and blood. That’s all”.

Arjun – (Wondering) “what do you mean by that?”

Karna – “C’mon, Kunti Putra Arjun, don’t be so ignorant, don’t be so flattered by your fake appreciations”.

Arjun – (Arrogantly) “Look who’s talking. You have always been jealous of my appreciations, positions and achievements”.

Karna – “Appreciations..!! Oh, why not..?? After all, you have scored upon hitting the bull’s eye…oops sorry, bird’s eye…. Positions…!! Wandering half your life in jungles…!! If you are scoring upon such celebrated positions, God bless you with more such numbers, and yes lastly, achievements….!! If I remember, you have achieved Panchali by lifting up the Lord Shiva’s bow, which of course even I did, but then somehow Krishna influenced Panchali to decline my candidature, so factually, after me, you got your chance. First, it was me”. (Firmly)

Arjun – “Oh, you didn’t qualify for the Swyamwar. You are not qualified by your birth”, responded Arjun arrogantly.

Karna – “And you are so very qualified and got so flattered by your achievements, that you shared her amongst all five of you, Hahahaha!”, replied Karna sarcastically.

Arjun – “Karna , mind your tongue. What’s your individual pride? Few men together humiliating a helpless woman by stripping her garments off in the royal court? Is that your pride? Is that the token of glory you’re so flattered about?”

Karna – “Look who’s talking about helpless women! Go and ask your brother, who gambled keeping his own wife at stake. I’ve never seen such an idiotic man in my life, never heard any such instance in history either. Yes, I accept that I abused her in the court and I’ve confessed about it to Vasudev as well. But our act was a consequence of what you all initiated. Moreover, keeping a woman as a shield in the battlefield to fight with the mighty Bhishm was also not an act of valour”.

Arjun – “But that was what I was asked to do by Krishna”.

Karna – “Oh stop behaving like a child. Is everything you do decide by Krishna? The last arrow you shot to kill me was also because Krishna said so. It was unethical. Don’t you have your own individuality?”

Arjun – “Even you were involved in killing Abhimanyu, and that too was unethical since the whole Kaurava army ganged up against one single armless warrior. So, you don’t talk about ethics now”.

Karna – “He was not armless, his arms and ammunitions slipped off his hands when he realized that he’s ambushed and that the Chakravyuh was made for you. Why did you and the other Pandavas let Abhimanyu get into it? An amateur messing with ambush made by Dronacharya himself is not funny Arjun”.

Arjun – “So what are you trying to prove? Look at you, my single arrow hitting your chariot pushed it seven steps behind. You stand nowhere!”

Karna –“Indeed, but my arrows pushed your chariot four steps back, with personalities like Hanuman and Narayana themselves sitting on your chariot (with a smirk). And you know what happened to your chariot when Krishna stepped out of it; it blasted due to the energy of my arrows that was absorbed by Krishna. Compete with mortal standards Arjun and not taking support from Gods to fight mortal opponents. Oh yes, you also went to plea for godly powers, right? A man who doesn’t believe in himself pleads for godly powers”.

Arjun – “You also used some typically potential weapons, what about those?”

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Karna – “Those were either made by me or were gifted by someone as a gesture of honour. I have never pleaded for anything in my life. I’ve even denied my father’s offer to use his potent chariot – The Sun God’s chariot, in the battle. I’ve always been known for my lending character, people call me Daanveer Karna”.

Arjun – “You may not believe in using Godly powers, but I do. And anyway, the world has witnessed that today I was the winner”.

Karna – “Anybody would have won if placed at the position from where you were fighting. Even amateur warriors, like Nakul or Shahdev would have won if fighting from an arrangement where you were standing”. (Giggling)

Arjun – “What do you mean by that? That victory is mine”.

Karna –“Shut up! Fighting your adversary with God’s assistance doesn’t make that victory yours. Majority of my potential weapons, which you haven’t even seen before, were all averted by either Hanuman sitting atop your chariot or by Krishna himself, and you can’t deny this. This battle wouldn’t have lasted this long if they would not have been there to protect you from my rage Arjun. And don’t forget, even when I locked your Gandiv and also would have blown off your head with the Nagashtra shot from my Pinakin, but again Krishna saved you by pushing down your chariot in the ground”.

Arjun – “Listen Karna, the world remembers winners and not losers”.

Karna – “Exactly, the world remembers winners and not losers like you. Gods know, mortals know, the whole universe knows that Karna can never be defeated by Arjun”.

Arjun – “What rubbish!”

Karna – “Your pseudo father Lord Indra knew this, so he came to me asking for my armour. Krishna knew this, hence, he came to me requesting not to engage with you in this war. Pitamah knew this so, he kept a condition that I should not be allowed to join this war. He knew that my only target shall be you, and he being Parshuram shishya like me, was confident about my skills, that shall definitely bring you down. Mata Kunti knew this, so she came pleading for your life yesterday afternoon. And listen to this, your own teacher – Dronacharya, knew that you can’t defeat me so during the skills presented in Hastinapur, so he diplomatically managed the situation by disqualifying me on the basis of not belonging from a royal family. Bullshit! Your victory is just material, and not factual, it’s unreal. It was my destiny to be defeated by you on the battlefield. It was pre-decided, we can’t change it. But people will not read it this way”.

Arjun – “You can’t deny my triumph by calling it your bad destiny”.

Karna – “Fool, go and get it assured from the youngest Pandu Putra Sahadev, who knows about this battle from his childhood. He was blessed with this knowledge but unfortunately couldn’t share it with anyone because he was cursed that if he spoke about it he’ll die. But now since this event has occurred you can ask him. Go, if you have the courage to do so. This is my destiny Arjun that I would be slain by you on the battlefield, the whole universe got engaged to execute this, I can’t change this. In fact, nobody can change destiny. But people will value me more – they will make temples for me if they choose to, I’ll be their inspiration, not you! Whenever they will read our stories, they will learn that it’s not Arjun’s glory, it’s not Arjun’s glory, it’s not Arjun’s glory, it’s not Arjun’s glory………
(Arjun hears a fading sound of the morning conch shell alarm and wakes up.)

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